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Long-awaited: The Measurable Efficacy of the Advertising Pillar

The ma Plakat now shows performance figures for advertising columns!

Here is the most important information:

After 162 years of advertising history, the effectiveness of advertising is finally measurable. Thanks to this information - which has been recorded and evaluated for the first time - what has been clear to us from the start has now officially been proven: Outdoor advertising on advertising pillars has surprisingly high ranges of impact. With a net booking of 220 Berliner advertising pillars in the city network, for just under 6.000,00 euros per week, 2.430.000 will take notice of any given advert. Now we can quantify the net contact value (i.e. the counting of the individual viewers) of Berlin’s oldest cultural street newspaper at a little over a million people. That’s a staggering one-third of Berlin! The real shocker is this figure doesn’t even take into consideration tourists or commuters. To break these numbers down into a more tangible scope - reaching approximately 1.000 viewers on the streets of Berlin would cost a mere 2,41 euros with the city-network package!

Reaching Millions of Consumers Has Never Been So Easy

Our scene-network package boasts a gross contact value of more than 3,6 million contacts per week (within the Berlin population aged 14 and older). The booking of 280 locations comes to 7.840,00 euro and averages 3,4 contacts from the viewer. The advertising print (gross rating point) can be quantified with the value of 124. With a CPM of only 2,15 Euro we find the scene pillars real "knorke". 

The net reach is just over a million people, which is the same for the city-network network as well. Due to Berlin’s rising population density - our premium high-traffic locations - and the precise placement of ads in superior sight-lines, we can guarantee your advertisement will reach enormous contact ranges within all of our advertising networks.

Every Little Bit Helps

The good news is, our smaller networks have also been proven to garner some pretty impressive results - making them perfect for companies looking to target a compact, more specific demographic. Ultimately, by taking advantage of a smaller network of advertisments, the CPM is brought down to below the two euro mark. By booking one of the district-networks - which costs just under 3.000,00 euros for two weeks - there’s still the possibility of reaching thousands of people in Berlin’s city center. District-networks make it easy to zero-in on the most essential 90 locations for your ad in order to reach the targeted audience.

Outdoor Advertising: A Must Have

As the pace of life continues to increase and become more multi-faceted, the average city dweller leaves their home daily to travel by car or public transportation. Urbanization is becoming more refined. This development makes outdoor advertising the last form of mass media that continues to grow. The increased market share of outdoor advertising in the overall advertising market is over 6% nationally - the numbers speak for themselves. In the year 2001, just 2,5% of the advertisement spending in Germany was targeted toward the outdoor sphere. Take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with the masses in the ever-evolving world of today with the leaders of outdoor advertising - DIE DRAUSSENWERBER.

Reach an Ever-growing Audience - The Sky’s The Limit

If you like to think big, then we’ve got some news for you - advertising via all nine networks of our advertising pillars and reach over 20 million people within a mere seven days. To put that into perspective - reaching a thousand people would ultimately cost only 2,02 euros! Turing your product, service, or brand into a global phenomena has never been so effortless.

More Information, Please

We hope this in-depth insight into the concrete statistics on the success of advertising pillars as a medium to connect with the masses has demonstrated the enormous potential. If you would like like to find out more information or inquire about availability of specific locations, feel free to contact one of our media specialists.