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Billboard Advertising

The poster culture! DIE DRAUSSENWERBER offers more than 4.800 affordably-priced and diverse locations for your next poster or billboard advertising campaign. Want your ad displayed in a specific area? No problem, our flexible networks allow you to choose whether your promotional material is dispersed throughout Berlin or only in target areas. Advertising networks are booked on a weekly basis and range in size from 45 to 300 locations.

Package deals combine all the perks of poster advertisements with the large-scale scope of a neighborhood or city-wide presence.

Poster campaigns on the pedestals (bottom) of advertising pillars or display frames offer the flexibility of appearing exclusively in high-traffic hotspots or in the immediate area surrounding your retail location, company, or event. Current pricing for poster advertising can be found here.

Hardly any major social event comes without a visual: exhibitions, film or theatre premieres, product advertising, and much more. Billboard advertising is an impactful way to become part of consumers everyday lives while also adding to Berlin's vibrant visual landscape.