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Advertising Pillars

With 1.455 locations - the original Berlin advertising pillar is impossible to miss. Originally used as a street-style newspaper to deliver important information to the masses, these city-wide relics have evolved into Berlin's signature advertising medium. Ideal for promoting upcoming cultural events to grand-openings and just about anything in between! Our Advertising Pillars can accommodate poster sizes 4/1, DIN A0 and DIN A1. 

Building a consumer following in high-traffic outdoor spaces without interfering with the natural cityscape is not easy. As experts in this field, our advertising pillars are specifically designed to grab attention while seamlessly fitting into Berlin's urban aesthetic. Located at highly frequented locations throughout the city, these column-like poster displays are a DIE DRAUSSENWERBER trademark. Bookings are available on a weekly basis for all locations throughout our network. Depending on the product, service, or event you are promoting, we offer several different promotional networks tailored to your specific needs. Our District-networks present your advertisement in specially selected districts targeted towards a specific demographic while our City-network displays your posters throughout Berlin. The City-network concentrates its advertising media in the city center and is available in two location variants (City-red and City-orange). The District-networks set local focal points in the north, south, east or west of Berlin. The Culture-network focuses on cultural hotspots. 

If your goal is also to reach target groups via public transport waiting areas, we also recommend booking advertising space on bus and tram shelters in addition to billboard space at Berlin's subway stations

The Facts: 27% of the concert tickets are attributed to billboard advertising. (Source: BB Promotion, ZMG KPI modeling)
In addition, 82% of culturally related advertisements are seen by culturally interested consumers. (Source: Consumer Analysis 2010, based on Berliner from 14 years)

All pricing information is valid for 2018. All prices in Euros plus VAT.


The standard booking period is one week (7 days).
District network booking period is two weeks (14 days).
Choose between individual networks, each with different location distribution.
Only entire networks can be booked at any time.
Primetime Tariff of KW 45-51 (price increase of 10%) in the city networks as well as in the scene and culture network.

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