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Bus / Tram Waiting Shelters

The steady increase of both urbanization and mobilization of Berlin residents has lead to a considerable spike in the number of consumers using public transport as their primary means of mobility. As the number of public transportation users continues to grow, the opportunities presented by this outdoor advertising medium have become more valuable than ever. More than half of Berliners commute several times a week by bus and/or train (source: ma 2014 Plakat). Why not take advantage of the empty minutes commuters spend waiting by using it as an opportunity to connect with your target group? With the help of eye-catching visual media that is strategically displayed on the walls of bus and tram shelters, commuters will be sure to notice your service, product, or brand. DIE DRAUSSENWERBER offers a range of different networks and poster sizes, to ensure your advert is seen by the masses. Want full control over how your advertisement is displayed? Great, because we allow you the freedom to determine where and how your ad is most optimally placed!

We control roughly 2.920 poster display cases at bus and tram stops throughout Berlin.
DIN-A0 and DIN-A1 size posters can be posted in either portrait or landscape format. Thanks to our cutting-edge glazing and illumination process, your posters are guaranteed to stay protected and visible around the clock. The superior advertisement locations of our Berlin-network allow you to effortlessly communicate with customers in the bustling hubs where they live, work, and move. Here at DIE DRAUSSENWERBER, we know how much the details count - which is why we’ve made sure that ad space on bus and tram shelters can easily be seen by both motorists and foot-traffic.

The waiting shelters within our expertly designed networks are available for regular bookings on a weekly basis. The flexible networks present a wide range of possibilities to suit a plethora of different advertising needs. The Berlin-network displays your advertisements throughout Berlin and is available in different - but comparative - location variants. The District-networks distribute your ads in either the north, south, east or west of the city - depending on the target group. If you're hoping to focus your efforts on pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists for your next campaign, we also recommend booking ad space as part of a larger "District" or "Berlin" packageIn addition to our above ground locales, if you are also interested in connecting with commuters via the subway, there is no better way than reserving poster displays in the underground waiting halls.

The Facts: 27% of the concert tickets are attributed to billboard advertising. (Source: BB Promotion, ZMG KPI modeling)
In addition, 82% of culturally related advertisements are seen by culturally interested consumers. (Source: Consumer Analysis 2010, based on Berliner from 14 years)

All pricing information is valid for 2018. All prices in Euros plus VAT.


Booking period: One week (7 days).
Choose between individual networks, each with different location distribution.
Only entire networks can be booked at any time.
Primetime Tariff of KW 45-51 (price increase of 10%) in the City network.

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