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Pillar Pedestal Campaigns

The Flexibility of the Pillar Pedestal Campaign

Being exclusively featured on the pedestal of a DIE DRAUSSENWERBER pillar is an innovative way to become part of Berlin’s urban landscape while also implanting your brand in the minds of consumers. Pillar pedestals — measuring a total area of approx. 3 m x 60 cm — present the perfect display for your advertisement to be seen. These eye-catching displays provide the unique opportunity for your visual media to be presented in a whopping 360 degrees. This cutting-edge design guarantees the maximum attention from the target group of your product, service, or event. By booking a campaign on the pedestal of Berlin’s trademark cultural newspaper, you are unlocking an entire network of premium advertising possibilities. Pillar pedestal campaigns are available from a minimum booking period of one month making them an ideal advertising medium for upcoming events such as concerts, theatrical performances, or an upcoming festival in the neighborhood.

Local Events on the Advertising Pillar

For local events, the Hotspot package is an excellent solution with a minimum booking of ten pillars. We collaborate with you to select pillars that are located in high-traffic locations in the immediate vicinity of the event venue. Don’t miss the opportunity to effortlessly interact with viable consumers 24 hours a day in 360 degrees.

Make Your Brand Known to All of Berlin

The best part is: we control more than 1.300 advertising pillars in the capital city that can be integrated into a pillar pedestal campaign. Whether you are looking to zero in on a hotspot, individual neighborhood, or all of Berlin. From Marzahn to Spandau, with our help, anything is possible. Want to take your campaign to the next level? For bookings of 50 locations or more, we offer generous discounts to help bring your advertising vision to life without breaking the bank. Premium locations in neighborhood hotspots are particularly popular with our clientele because they allow access to exclusive locales at no additional charge; a clever way weave your brand into the fabric of Berlin’s trendiest streets, social hubs, and cultural hotspots.

Pillar Pedestal Service

Need help selecting the best locations for your next campaign? Would you like one of our media consultant to make an on-site visit and draft a project proposal? No problem, just let us know how we can best help you make your advertising goals a reality. Click here for our contact page. If you would like to browse through the locations of our available pillar pedestals, you can find our interactive location map here.

All pricing information is valid for 2018. All prices in Euros plus VAT.


Minimum booking period: 1 month
Minimum booking: 10 locations

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