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Lamppost Signs

Over 3.6 million people are living in Germany’s capital city! That’s 3.6 million chances to catch the eyes of consumers with strategically placed Lamppost Signs guiding street-traffic to your business while simultaneously drawing attention to your brand. As one of our best-selling advertisement mediums, Lamppost Signs are available exclusively to one customer per lamppost to ensure no other advertisements distract from your display. Don’t miss the opportunity to promote your brand around the clock! Available both with and without backlighting, Lamppost Signs provide a long-term solution to your sidewalk and roadside advertising needs. These signs are mounted with precision to guarantee superior sight-lines with the option of backlighting for maximum visibility day or night, rain or shine. We offer both individual bookings ideal for smaller businesses looking for a straight-forward way to boost revenue in addition to large-scale sign networks that will help customers navigate directly to the door of your business.

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