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Waiting Shelter Panels

One of our most clever advertising mediums. This compact ad panel is the perfect example of why DIE DRAUSSENWERBER is the leader in outdoor advertising - we believe that no space is too small to send a message. This total eye-catcher packs quite a bit of bang for your buck seeing as it is backlit and positioned at the top of waiting hall display cases. Waiting Shelter Panels are also a great medium for directional (“hint”) advertisement to guide customers to your location.

Ultimately, panels are the most effective when combined with another medium such as Lamppost Signs or Poster Displays. The compact spaces in the upper part of the waiting shelter display cases are the most affordable form of long-term advertising - making them ideal for small businesses on a budget. The glazed finish and backlighting means that your advert will be easily visible around the clock.

Tip: We recommend booking Waiting Shelter Panels as part of a larger package or as a supplement to other directional media.

All pricing information is valid for 2018. All prices in Euros plus VAT.


Booking period: minimum 1 year
Prices exclude production
Production of promotional materials is available through DIE DRAUSSENWERBER

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