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BVG Power Boxes

As an advertising partner of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), DIE DRAUSSENWERBER is pleased to offer BVG power boxes as our newest advertising medium. From 2019 onward, BVG power boxes will be available for your next consumer outreach strategy. Every day we come across these electrical ports along busy streets and sidewalks making the repurposing of these boxes for advertisements long overdue. The standout feature of BVG power boxes is that they’re mainly located in the immediate vicinity of tram stops - meaning they’re within a stone's throw of highly-frequented main streets and transportation hubs.

In 2018, an estimated 197 million tram trips were made (source: BVG Zahlenspiegel 2018) and the amount of Berliners, Brandenburgers, and tourists commuting by means of public transport are expected to increase again in 2019. Advertising on BVG power boxes is the perfect way to ensure your brand is present exactly where your target groups live and work. The wide distribution of power boxes (particularly in the east and north of the city) allow for the expansive reach of your next marketing endeavor. Power box advertising can be booked both at standard and premium locations for a period of one year and the coverage of all visible sides (front and back as well as two narrow sides) are permitted.

As of now, the amount of BVG power boxes available for permanent advertising are limited. If you are interested in reserving power boxes, please contact one of our media consultants for exact locations and pricing. Due to the varying sizes, designs, and dimensions of BVG power boxes, we will be able to provide the specific details of each unit upon request. Once your desired units have been selected, advertising messages or graphics are then printed on weatherproof and moisture-resistant foiling using a commercial grade digital printer and attached directly to the boxes.


All pricing information is valid for 2019. All prices in Euros plus VAT.


Minimum booking period: 1 year

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