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Put together your individual outdoor advertising campaign with our interactive location map and get support from clever filters and search functions.

OUTSIDE cluster icon50,000 advertising spaces in Berlin, we summarize points close to each other with this symbol. Just click on areas of your interest and you will see automatically optimized map sections.

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Notes on selected advertising media

Pillar Pedestal and Poster Campaigns: Please note that our Pillar Pedestal and Poster Campaigns must consist of a minimum of 10 locations. Until you have selected this amount, these items will be highlighted in red on the "Wishlist".

District Packages: The exact location distribution of ads in the District Packages is shown in the form of different network variants. These networks can also be booked exclusively for Bus/Tram Waiting Shelters.

Resetting the Location Map:

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For more information on the pricing of our various outdoor advertising mediums, see the Price or Downloads page.
If you have any further questions, please reach out to our team via the Contact Us page.