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Welcome to our homepage

We are a Berliner company through and through, managing thousands of advertising spaces in our vibrant and beloved metropolis. As a subsidiary of Wall GmbH, which is part of the worldwide operating company JCDecaux, we belong to the largest and most experienced outdoor advertiser in the world.

About us - Outdoor advertising...

...is considered the last form of mass media - we are the way there. Our innovative use of public space presents an endless number of possibilities for your brand to get noticed. As an exclusive partner of the Berlin Transport Company (BVG), we are the sole providers of highly sought after advertising space in Berlin’s subway, bus, and tram stations. Through the use of our interactive location map, we make it easy for you to browse all of the available ad space throughout the city; Ultimately, allowing you the luxury of visualizing an ad campaign in its early stages. The location map’s premium search filters let you effortlessly pinpoint high-traffic areas - these exceedingly desirable areas can be shown by selecting the yellow star in the filter option. Each one of our advertising spaces has been thoughtfully chosen with the goal of transforming everyday spaces into powerful vehicles to connect with consumers. Once you have some insight into our specific product offerings, take advantage of the price calculator to bring the full scope of your project into focus. Still not sure which advertising package is best for you? No problem! We are happy to schedule a consultation with a media consultant who can give you a more in-depth look at our offerings. Consultations also include possible location scouting in the area surrounding your business so our specialists can recommend suitable areas for directional advertisements. For more information or to schedule a consultation, see the contact page.

Basically, we divide our media and jobs into the two categories of poster advertising and temporary informational adverts. Billboard advertisements are our large-scale offerings which tend to be accompanied by a full campaign-style approach. In this case, we offer the possibility of operating through our vast city-wide networks to ensure your advert is seen by the masses. Interested in a smaller radius? We’ve got you covered! Our portfolio also includes ad spaces suitable for smaller businesses or short-term promotions. With our various thematic networks and local distributions, we strive to meet you at the crossroad where possibility meets flexibility. Depending on the specific locations you choose, our rental contracts typically range from one month to a year. This flexibility allows you to mobilize nearby consumers into immediate customers by drawing attention to your location or event. Often times, this method is best utilized as hint advertising with arrows, distance, and/or address information. Our offers include framed poster advertisements in addition to the more dimensional advertising pillars; the pedestal (bottom), body, head (top), or the entire structure are available for postings. Ultimately, no matter what kind of outdoor advertising campaign you are mounting in Berlin, please feel free to contact us and we will connect you with one of our expert advertising specialists. Let us help you stand out in the crowd!

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