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Welcome to our homepage

We are a Berliner company through and through, managing over 50,000 advertising spaces in our vibrant and beloved metropolis. As a subsidiary of Wall GmbH, which in turn is integrated into the worldwide operating company JCDecaux, we belong to the largest and most experienced outdoor advertiser in the world.

About us - Outdoor advertising...

...is considered the last form of mass media - we are the way there. Our innovative use of public space presents an endless number of possibilities for your brand to get noticed. As an exclusive partner of the Berlin Transport Company (BVG), we are the sole providers of highly sought after advertising presence in Berlin’s subway, bus, and tram stations. Through the use of our interactive location map, we make it easy for you to browse all of the available ad space throughout the city; Ultimately, allowing you the luxury of visualizing an ad campaign in its early stages. The location map’s premium search filters let you effortlessly pinpoint high traffic areas - these exceedingly desirable areas can be shown by selecting the yellow star in the filter option. Each one of our advertising spaces has been thoughtfully chosen with the goal of transforming everyday spaces into powerful vehicles to connect with consumers. Once you have some insight into our specific product offerings, take advantage of the price calculator to bring the full scope of your project into focus. Still not sure which advertising package is best for you? No problem! We are happy to schedule a consultation with a media consultant who can give you a more in-depth look at our offerings. Consultations also include possible location scouting in the area surrounding your business so we can recommend suitable areas for directional advertisements. For more information or to schedule a consultation, see the contact page.

Basically, we divide our media and jobs into the two categories of poster advertising and temporary informational adverts. Billboard advertisements are our large-scale offerings which tend to be accompanied by a full campaign-style approach. In this case, we offer the possibility of operating through our vast city-wide networks to ensure your advert is seen by the masses. Interested in a smaller radius? We’ve got you covered! Our portfolio also includes ad spaces suitable for smaller businesses or short-term promotions. With our various thematic networks and local distributions, we strive to meet you at the crossroad where possibility meets flexibility. Depending on the specific locations you choose, our shortest term contracts usually range from one month to a year. This flexibility allows you to mobilize nearby consumers into immediate customers by drawing attention to your location or event. Often times, this method is best utilized as hint advertising with arrows, distance, and/or address information. Our offers include framed poster advertisements in addition to the more dimensional advert pillars; the pedestal (bottom), body, head (top), or the entire structure are available for postings.


Lamppost Signs - The goal is high

For each advertisement theme, we know the best marketing angle to make your product, service, or event stand out. As a guide, you can use virtually any medium; our most popular being the lamppost signs. This top-selling outdoor advertisement is an ideal solution for long-term directional adverts. We have also been awarded the exclusive advertising rights for roadside lampposts and oversee the entire process of approval and installation. Here, we offer you the choice of lit signs in several formats such as a stamped directional arrow up to the illuminated sign for good visibility around the clock.

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The advertising pillar - Our classic trademark

DIE DRAUSSENWERBER is responsible for approximately 2,500 different advertisement locales in Berlin. With our help, you can easily book one of our top-selling offers; short-term adverts on the body of the pillar (this space is typically shared with other advertisers). Pillar advertisements featured on the top (head) or bottom (pedestal) of the structure are exclusively presented at a 360 ° angle for maximum exposure and visibility (ideal for longer-term advertisements). Use this opportunity to reach the targeted audience from all directions. Here, too, we offer various networks and formats while also allowing you the flexibility of creating your own; for example, if you wanted to occupy all pillar pedestals around your business’s location.

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Tram and Bus Stop Advertisements - Sweeten the wait

Another advert medium that commuters know and likely see daily are the tram and bus stops. In 2016 alone, these modes of transport were used by a total of 626.6 million passengers. The waiting areas and train platforms are also available for campaign-related bookings and ultimately shorten the empty waiting time for commuters. Here, too, we offer the benefits of different location combinations and network strengths.

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U-bahn Advertisement Posters - Your advertising in Berlin’s Underground

Also available for bookings are the poster display cases at the entrances and exits of subway stations, as well as in the area between the tracks. These display cases are seen as the trademark advertising of the Berlin underground and can be used for weekly or monthly adverts. This shared space often hosts between 4-6 various adverts promoting cultural events, concerts, comedy shows, and more. The advertisement networks and packages largely vary depending on the targeted audience.

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U-bahn Advertisement Posters - Multi-tasking Poster Displays

On the walls of the train platforms, there are around 3,000 poster frames in various sizes, which serve as advertising space for at least one month (with a minimum booking of 10 frames). They are suitable not only as a campaign medium but also as permanent directional advert areas. When exiting the train station, commuters are usually presented with several choices of direction. Especially upon arrival, commuters are searching for visual cues to indicate which exit leads them to what destination. This process presents the perfect opportunity to use signage as a means of shepherding potential customers directly to your location.

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U-bahn Advertisement Billboards - Getting out of the way

At many of the train stations in Berlin, we offer billboard-style advertisements on the walls of the subway platforms (18/1 format). Seeing as this is the largest advert we offer, the sheer size of it is sure to make a big impact and grab the attention of anyone in the immediate vicinity. For this option, we recommend bookings of at least one year although shorter-term bookings may be available upon request. Often times, we recommend placing advertisement media near the station exits for optimum visibility.

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Promotions in subway stations – From person to person

For the special occasions when a stationary advert isn’t quite enough, we also offer event-style promotional booths that command maximum attention. These exclusive promotional bookings allow for stationary information booths complete with up to 3 leaflet distributors. Having someone in the flesh to engage with potential consumers can make all the difference! If you are looking to secure promotions in train stations, rest assured that we are the partners to work with. Due to our incomparable experience in the industry, we are well versed in adherence guidelines and receiving legal approval to ensure everything runs smoothly. Certain larger subway stations like Alexanderplatz have ample space for larger booths for more than 3 leaflet distributors, making them an ideal location for XXL promotions. Due to its unbeatable location in Berlin’s city center, Alexanderplatz is one of the most frequented stations by both Berliners and tourists alike. Berlin’s world famous T.V. tower (Fernsehturm) is just steps away from the station’s exit.

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Lamppost Flags – The short-term quick fix

For newly opened stores, we have an awesome deal for you: Lantern flags that can be mounted for one to four weeks (short-term) in the area surrounding your location. A great way to say hello to a new neighborhood! The beloved little brother of our top-selling lamppost signs, these highly customizable flags can each depict different motifs or information like grand-opening special offers or simply the distance to the shop. This advert medium presents yet another opportunity for directional hints to lead customers straight to your door. The flags are essentially foiled sleeves overlaid with a printed motif which is then attached to street light poles. This method makes them easy to change, for instance, if you wanted to advertise before and after a grand-opening with different illustrations. The creative choices are endless!

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Outdoor Billboards - Make a big impression, even on the open road

In relation to the 9 square meters of 18/1 ad space, we present the same possibilities on the streets of Berlin as well as in the train stations. If we are already in the above-ground areas: We also offer flags at different locations in Berlin. These flags are made from wind-permeable fabric that can be printed with your display and quickly noticed thanks to their unique design. You may also be interested in a bridge banner or even an oversized city banner that extends over a complete fence! This outdoor advertising presents the opportunity to reach foot and car traffic over an enormously long distance with text and beautiful design motifs.

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Pedestrian Panel Advertisements – Presence in the middle of the pedestrian walkway

Strolling down the famous Berlin shopping mile Kurfürstendamm, you’ll find an eclectic mix of the rich, famous, tourists, and everyday Berliners. We have strategically placed backlit pedestrian panels between a mix of luxury brands and the street kiosks selling Berlin’s signature Currywurst. Pedestrian panels are basically a glazed, well lit, and multisided advertisement. At 15 locations, we offer 3 sides each, which can accommodate up to 5 ads. We also offer the possibility of exclusively booking an entire side or even all 3. An additional 36 areas along the busy Karl-Marx-Allee are also available. Due to their unique shape and lighting capabilities, panels are an ideal long-term solution for brick and mortar businesses located in the nearby vicinity. The special backlighting feature ensures your ad grabs attention day or night.

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Bus Shelter Advertisements - Provide enlightenment to your audience

According to the BVG, every year, more than 430 million people commute via Berlin’s city buses; Those same commuters also spend much of their time waiting. Areas like this are an ideal location for adverts on the wall of the bus shelter which offers space for up to 2 square meters of advertising. The number of commuters passing these spaces offers an enormous advertising potential for a wide variety of local shops and stores selling household goods. As soon as they see your ad, the customer realized they’ve been meaning to pick up this or that and their yours! If you’re in the market for something smaller and less “in your face” then no worries, we have the perfect thing to get you started. We also offer a wall decal that is essentially a small banner; the perfect solution for small businesses. These decals present another opportunity for directional “hints” like arrows, the shop address, or simply a logo. Several of our bus shelter locations also present the possibility of backlighting for superior visibility.

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Floor Decals - Have them literally stumbling over your ad

Another option you have to grab the attention of consumers is a floor decal. These trending attention grabbers can be attached to the surface of subway platforms or in the access halls. Looking for something more eye catching? Floor decals can also adhere to stairs with a different motif on each step or a large motif over an entire staircase. This advert style also presents the opportunity for the use of directional arrows.

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Advertising In Berlin’s Central Bus Station - The bus industry is booming

In the ever expanding world of today, mobility plays a key role. We are proud to be a partner of the Berlin ZOB, the central bus station offering you exclusive advertising space there. You can choose between large wall spaces, billboards, and window stickers. This would be an optimal location for travel related adverts as well as promotions for accommodations and tourist attractions. In the past few years, traveling long distances by bus has become a popular mode of transport for many demographics, particularly younger low-income earners. For this reason, it is also an excellent platform for sourcing young employees.

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