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Exklusivnetze in U-Bahnhöfen

Poster Frames - Exclusive Nets

DIE DRAUSSENWERBER’s newest advertising package offers an exclusive opportunity to connect with a diverse audience of urban commuters. Every day around 1.63 million passengers travel on Berlin’s subway network (source: BVG Zahlenspiegel 2020) which make these eye-catching poster frames ideal for small to medium-sized campaigns throughout the city.
Additionally, the versatility and high-frequency exposure of public transportation hubs mean these environments are perfect for your next poster advertising campaign.

Selecting the most effective locations to include in an advertising package takes a level of expertise that DIE DRAUSSENWERBER prides itself on, that’s why we’ve created three new networks spread across the most sought-after neighborhoods the city has to offer. Exclusive networks also ensure that you can effortlessly reach your target groups while our team of specialists takes care of the details.

Our location experts construct these optimized networks so that every poster is situated along highly-frequented transit lines and at central hot-spots in Berlin. So, what sets this particular medium apart from the rest? In contrast to other poster displays in Berlin’s underground, advertisements in our exclusive networks are featured alone, so nothing distracts from getting your message across. This unique selling point maximizes the potential for brand recognition and new customer acquisition in a big way. Each exclusive network is comprised of 100 or 150 posters in formats 4/1 or DIN A0.

Due to the limited amount of these advertising spaces in underground stations, poster frames are a premium offering of DIE DRAUSSENWERBER. We also allow customers to choose which of our three networks best suits their demographic, goals, and individual advertising concept. Contact one of our media consultants to find out more about how to book an exclusive network today.

All pricing information is valid for 2024. All prices in Euros plus VAT.


Minimum booking period: 1 week (7 days)
Primetime tariff from week 46-52 (+10%)

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