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DIE DRAUSSENWERBER is Berlin's leading provider of both long and short term, outdoor advertising. At www.draussenwerber.de we provide you with comprehensive information about our wide variety of advertising media.

Our interactive location map and price calculator make planning your own unique advertising campaign easier than ever. Our download section offers detailed information (price lists, product offerings, location lists, etc.) for your convenience. You will find facts and statistical data relevant to outdoor advertising on the facts page (in German). If you have any further questions, our expert team of media consultants is available by phone or e-mail.

Advertising Signs

Advertising signage is especially effective in its ability to reach a huge number of onlookers in a relatively short period of time. This is particularly true when billboards are placed city-wide with a focus on highly populated areas like frequented hotspots and transportation hubs.

Our Poster Advertising Media

All of our various advertising media is suitable for neighborhood-wide, district-wide, and/or city-wide distribution.

Long-term and Directional Advertising

Permanent and “hint” (i.e., long-term advertisements with the purpose of directing customers to your exact location in the near or immediate vicinity). Our various outdoor advertising mediums are available in many places throughout the city - whether you’re looking to advertise on the roadside or a specific U-Bahn station, chances are we have the perfect solution to suit your needs. With so many varying formats to choose from and the possibility of booking as many locations as desired - we will make all of your advertising dreams a reality.

Our Long-term and Directional Advertising on the Streets of Berlin

Our Long-term and Hint Advertising In Berlin’s U-Bahn Stations

When it comes to an advert’s visual graphics, positioning, medium, and location - the possibilities of creativity are endless. Typically, directional guidance systems (basically a network of “hint” signs, guiding customers to brick and mortar store locations) are booked on a long-term basis.