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Poster Display Headers

In addition to free-standing poster displays, DIE DRAUSSENWERBER also offers another form of permanent advertising in Berlin’s underground - poster display headers. Thanks to the multitude of poster displays located in various metro stations, we have transformed the vertical space above these structures into a dynamic tool to reach consumers. Display headers are not only creative and effective, but they also make the task of guiding commuters to your business easier than ever before. Mounted more than 2 meters above the poster displays, headers are so eye-catching they’re virtually impossible to miss. Each header has two banner-like advertising spaces which are rented out exclusively to one company and are suitable for a wide variety of branded content.

Due to the raised positioning of the double-sided panel format, this long-term advertising medium lends itself to high-impact advertising media. Those looking for an ad space that is both unique and striking will find poster display headers to be a perfect addition to any advertising mission. We offer our clients 1,940 locations in 175 metro stations to choose from. High-quality foil adhesive transforms headers into a durable long-term advertisement that will have a lasting effect on commuters. If you’re interested in having a header installed to the poster display(s) of your choice, please contact one of our advertising specialists for more information.

Recommendation: To maximize your advertising reach, combining poster display headers with another form of advertising media is the most advantageous way to achieve optimal results. This form of advertising is also suitable as part of a large-scale advertising campaign.

All pricing information is valid for 2024. All prices in Euros plus VAT.


2 advertising spaces per poster display headers, can only be booked in pairs.

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