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The Advantages of Outdoor Advertising

Why is outdoor advertising in Berlin so cool?

Outdoor advertising = Impactful. Reaching millions of people is awesome.

I am impactful!

Outdoor advertising is one of the last forms of mass medium which has a continually expanding audience - This is especially true when it comes to steadily growing urban cities like Berlin. Now more than ever, urban city-dwellers spend large amounts of time moving from place to place via public transportation, bike, or car. When looking at the growing population numbers as well as data summarizing the most popular means of transport, it is clear that urbanization and the need for increased mobility has become a consistent trend in recent years. Many of those living in large cities are starting to spend less and less time at home - particularly in the evenings. Hobbies and Individual interests such as fitness, events or shopping are likely to keep a growing number of people spending time either outdoors or in the consumer sphere. Outdoor advertising thus allows advertisers to make contact with millions of potential customers. Securing an advertising location with around the clock visibility in a cultural capital with diverse demographics like Berlin is a sure-fire way to take any business to the next level.

Resulting data on the efficacy of outdoor advertising in Berlin has been determined for the first time independently and across all media for 4/1 posters on advertising pillars in the ma Plakat from 2016. Ads placed on 325 advertising pillars in Berlin reach a staggering 1.230.000 people. This is 41,8% of the population living in Berlin, with whom in the gross contact amount is approximately 2.680.000 - meaning to reach a thousand people (CPM) costs roughly 2,46 euros - these numbers aren’t even including commuters and tourists!

Outdoor advertising is affordable. Staying within your budget is awesome.

I am affordable!

Making a thousand contacts with a poster DIE DRAUSSENWERBER poster costs about 2,50 € (source: ma 2016 Plakat). This unbelievably affordable contact price for a thousand viewers (CPM) is hardly achievable with any other media without the help of uneconomically high discounts. At the same time, poster advertising on advertising pillars allows for enormously high contacts by reinforcing an advertising message on many posters that are then distributed throughout the city. In addition, poster printing is much more affordable than video projections or other costly advertising media.

Widely accepted. Being appreciated by the puplic is awesome.

I am popular!

Outdoor advertising is both welcomed and highly encouraged by the majority of the population  because the viewing of posters is completely voluntary. Analogue outdoor advertising appeals to 73% of people mainly due to the fact that it is contemporary, interesting and/ or creative (source: Basic Study of trend research 2016 "the Digital effect" for wall GmbH on www.wall.de). Very few people reported feeling negatively towards public advertising – whether analogue or digital. The trend study by mafo.de from 2013 provides sound statistical data that confirms the high acceptance rate of outdoor advertising as well.

Capitalization of branding. Achieving the best results is awesome.

I build brand loyality!

Reinforcing a brand through the frequent repetition of posters in both the city-center and other relevant neighborhoods has a positive impact on the branding and customer loyalty of interested target groups. In a basic study on the topic of analogue and digital outdoor advertising It was found that 23% of interested people feel impacted by poster advertising, either to react directly in response to the advertising (i.e., by going on the Internet to seek further information on the poster content, to photograph the poster, and/or to post it online to recommend to friends (Source: Basic Study of trend research 2016 "the Digital effect" for wall GmbH and read on www.wall.de). Outdoor advertising is a reliable and practical way to encourage prospective clients to seek out more information on a product, service, or event - which is the first step in increasing point of sales stats.

Visibility. Having an advertisement that can be seen around the clock is awesome.

I am always there!

Outdoor advertising does not require access to any technical equipment, Internet connections or access to TV or radio channels - making it virtually fool-proof. Our superior outdoor advertising spaces are present around the clock on the streets and in the subway stations of Germany’s capital city.

Safety. Connecting with consumers without the risk is awesome.

I am safe!

In the age of the massive deterioration of cyber-security - you can rest assured knowing that anyone looking at your ad won’t be subjected to tracking or hacking. Giving consumers the important freedom to take a look and continue on their way.

Stay local or reach the masses, citywide. Flexibility is awesome.

I am versatile!

The big advertising agencies have known it all along: reaching vast amounts of consumers is only possible when outdoor advertising is in the mix. But that doesn’t mean the companies looking to focus their advertising efforts on a smaller portion of the city should be left out. DIE DRAUSSENWERBER also makes outdoor advertising in a concentrated locale within Berlin possible. With thousands of both long and short-term commercial ad spaces available in various formats and package offers - you’ll have no trouble boosting sales and/or directing interested parties right to the front door of your company’s retail location.

Depending on the specific advertising medium, long-term bookings typically start at one month. We recommend combining the benefits of long-term directional ads in the direct vicinity of retail locations with larger billboards to help with brand reinforcement. That being said, ever company’s advertising needs are unique - which is why we offer free consultations with one of our ad specialists.

A must-have component of any successful campaign. Compatibility is awesome!

Mix me with other forms of advertisement!

Urbanization and mobility are the main reasons for the increasing effectiveness of outdoor advertising. Since 2001, investments in outdoor advertising has risen from 2,5 to 6,0 % currently. Utilizing public advertising in combination with other mediums such as TV and Internet is another viable promotional option. Outdoor advertising reaches its maximum effect by encouraging viewers to seek out more information on your website. Placing commercials on broadcasting platforms or other well-coordinated ad repetitions, in addition to an outdoor branding presence ensures that the relevancy of a brand is constantly growing. It’s always a good idea to keep in mind ways to ensure campaign strategies are well-rounded. Outdoor advertising provides an idea amount of on-site presence. We are happy to advise you on some of the best ways to incorporate outdoor advertising as part of a larger mixed-media campaign approach. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.