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Long-term Advertising

Long-term advertising: Make your business, service, product, or event a permanent fixture in Berlin’s urban landscape! Whether you want your message in city streets, any of Berlin’s 173 underground stations, or at the Central Bus Station (ZOB) - we offer the ideal advertising space for every company and budget. Our vast catalog of impressive advertising locales makes finding the perfect location easy. From legacy brands looking to expand their public stronghold to small businesses hoping to get their feet wet in the world of outdoor advertising, we have versatile product offerings for every level.

Permanent and referential media posted by DIE DRAUSSENWERBER is guaranteed to be seen by consumers that count. With the right media package, you can reach patrons from all walks of life. DIE DRAUSSENWERBER offers long-term advertising media that is affordable, effective, and adaptable. With our help, you’ll soon be a recognizable name in Berlin’s lucrative consumer sphere.

More information including current pricing for long-term advertising media can be found here.

Underground Metro Stations

Our various advertising opportunities in Berlin’s underground stations make reaching Berliners more accessible than ever before. Showcase your next campaign, branding endeavor, or promotion in front of millions of consumers without skipping a beat.
In 2018, the Berlin Transport Companies (BVG) will expect approximately 1.2 billion passenger rides: roughly half (563 million) of those rides by subway and 197 million by tram. (Source: BVG Zahlenspiegel 2018)

ZOB - Berlin's Central Bus Station 

Berlin’s central bus station, ZOB for short, is located in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district, right next to the radio tower. At this vital intersection of the international long-distance bus service, 42 stops are available for various bus companies. More than 230,000 arrivals and departures are expected in 2019 (source: BVG).

Streets and Sidewalks

Place your ads in the heart of Berlin’s trendiest neighborhoods and social hubs where thousands of consumers live and work. DIE DRAUSSENWERBER makes bringing your ad to high-traffic streets and frequented local hotspots simple.