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Advertising Location Calculator 

Our convenient space calculator allows you the ability to further explore more specific advertising locations and pricing. By clicking “Edit” you can calculate the cost of a variety of different product offerings for your next outdoor advertising campaign with ease. After putting together your “Wishlist” order, our marketing specialists are at your disposal to help facilitate the next steps. Use the table below to send us your wishlist by e-mail. You can also save it as a PDF, Excel or link and call us to review it: (030) 33 8 99-50 50.

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This compilation can be retrieved at any time via this link.

After receiving your wishlist via e-mail, our team will evaluate it and follow up as soon as possible.

Is this your first campaign? Do you have questions about our products or services? If so, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on our FAQ page.

All figures apply for 2023. All prices are in Euro and include tax. There is no guarantee that the advertising locations in the calculator are currently available. As soon as we receive your request we will reach out to you and confirm our current availability.

All prices are 15% AE-capable (except production costs). These prices are subject to change or deviating individual agreements. Special offers and discounts cannot be combined. The General Terms and Conditions of DIE DRAUSSENWERBER GmbH apply.