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Hinweisflächen am ZOB - Plakatrahmen
Hinweisflächen am ZOB - Scheibenaufkleber

ZOB Berlin - Signs at Berlin’s Central Bus Station                 

Poster Displays and Window Panels  

The increasing number of long-distance bus passengers combined with a bustling location makes the ZOB an ideal advertising locale. The metropolitan area surrounding Berlin’s central bus station is filled with renowned hotel chains, the well-known Radio Tower at the exhibition center, as well as numerous shopping and cultural hotspots such as Theodor-Heuss-Platz and Kurfürstendamm. The significant increase in long-distance bus traffic and the direct proximity to the Radio Tower will continue to make the ZOB a highly sought after advertising location in the coming years.

ZOB Poster Displays 

DIE DRAUSSENWERBER is pleased to offer one of our most popular advertising display sizes (posters in DIN A0 format) at Berlin’s Central Bus Station (ZOB). These affordable advertising spaces are evenly distributed throughout the main building - in the immediate vicinity of shops, departure terminals, and more. The Poster Displays can be booked individually and are also available for long-term usage. They are ideal for text-based signs, logo graphics, and even as part of a larger city-wide campaign initiative. The ZOB is a particularly effective location if tourists and budget travelers are included in your target demographic.

Poster displays at the ZOB are a standardized, affordable, and efficient outdoor advertising option with low production costs and a huge amount of tourist contact potential. This makes Poster Displays at the ZOB a great option for small businesses or anyone looking to make a big impact on a budget. The exact location of our poster displays in the ZOB can be found in the site plan (also available via the “downloads” link at the bottom of the page). Our media consultants will be happy to help you strategize on the best location(s) for your next advertising campaign.

ZOB Window Panels 

Located near the main entrance of the main ZOB building are our window display panels (similar to large window stickers or wall decals). Situated in the direct vicinity of the onsite amenities and service counters such as the travel agency, ticket office, and a Fast Food branch, this high foot-traffic area is sure to attract the attention of countless viewers - this highly frequented area of the ZOB is bustling with passengers around the clock. To achieve the most effective results, we recommend choosing a bold design motif for this specific location. The special extra-long landscape format offers plenty of space for high-contrast color schemes, unique graphic designs, and compelling texts.

Due to the resurgence in popularity of long-distance bus services and the close proximity to Berlin’s Exhibition Center, Window Panels at the ZOB are an effective and affordable way to advertise at the crossroad of country-wide and international bus traffic. Take advantage of this exclusive area in the main building for your next long-term advertising campaign.

All pricing information is valid for 2018. All prices in Euros plus VAT.


Minimum booking period: 1 year

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