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Promotion am ZOB

ZOB Berlin - Promotion at Berlin's Central Bus Station

Six million passengers with an estimated 170.000 arrivals and departures in 2018 and a forecast of up to 344.000 bus arrivals and departures for 2019 (source: Wikipedia) - makes the Berlin Central Bus Station (ZOB) the ideal location for your next advertising campaign. Now imagine if your advertising materials - be it product samples, discount coupons, promotional giveaways, new product information, or trade fair event information - could be distributed by someone with an amazing attitude and a smile. To take your campaign strategy to the next level, we recommend staging a promotional brand event complete with sales staff at the ZOB Berlin.

Utilizing the ZOB Berlin as the location for a multi-media promotional event is a tangible way to add value to your product, service, or event in the eyes of consumers. As the exclusive partner for promotions at the ZOB, we are happy to advise you on the most successful event strategies. Please do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries or planning support.

An Advertising Strategy with Interaction Arrival

Using a promotional event at the ZOB to interact with your target group is an effective way to answer questions and get feedback from consumers in real time. You will have the unique opportunity to sell your products with the added edge of person-to-person contact, something no analog or digital advertising medium can compete with.

Arrival: A Gate to Berlin Departure

Upon arrival to Berlin, travelers are released at the ZOB. Which makes this transportation hub the ideal place to display Berlin-specific advertising to just about any consumer - i.e. tourism information such as hotels, hostels, travel insurance, restaurants, events, rental cars etc. Not to mention, more and more young people are booking spontaneous long-distance bus trips and opting to plan the specifics of their accommodations and sight-seeing agenda upon arrival to their destination.

Departure: Using Waiting Times for Product Placement

Travelers waiting for their departing buses are the perfect target for advertising displays and promotional events. Why not take the saying “waiting time is advertising time" literally by having a staffed promotional booth at the ZOB to distribute samples or giveaways to potential customers. Not only are you raising brand awareness around your product or service, but you are also able to gauge the reaction and interest level of your target group. If you have an online campaign component in mind, your promotional booth could be a clever way to recommend a consumer visit your website during their long bus commute to encourage further engagement.

Long-distance buses, and thus the ZOB, are still on an upward trend. Use this to your advantage by staging a promotion at the ZOB!

All pricing information is valid for 2019. All prices in Euros plus VAT.


Minimum booking period: half a day
The prices are valid for one location.
The price is valid for a maximum of 3 promoters.
Personnel, booth and set up, materials etc. must be provided by the exhibitor.
Quantity discount for 50 or more orders per year.

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