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Werbung am Haupteingang des ZOB Berlin

Advertising Window Stickers In Berlin’s Central Bus Station (ZOB)

Located near the main entrance of the ZOB Berlin building are quality advert spaces ideal for Window Stickeres. Situated in the direct vicinity of the onsite travel agency, ticket office, and McDonald’s branch, this high foot-traffic area is sure to attract the attention of countless viewers - this highly frequented area of the ZOB is bustling with passengers around the clock. To achieve the most effective results, we recommend choosing a bold design motif for this specific location. The special extra-long landscape format offers plenty of space for high-contrast color schemes, unique graphic designs, and compelling texts.

Due to the resurgence in popularity of long-distance bus services and the close proximity to Berlin’s Exhibition Center, ZOB is a dynamic advertising location ideal for just about any advertiser. Window Stickers are an affordable, simple, and effective way to reach both local and international consumers with ease. Take advantage of this exclusive area in the main building for your next long-term advertising campaign.

All pricing information is valid for 2019. All prices in Euros plus VAT.


Booking period: 1 year

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