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Werbung auf dem Boden Berliner U-Bahn buchen
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Bodenfolien Werbung U-Bahn Berlin

Floor Decals (in U-Uahn Stations)

Berlin’s underground metros are booming!

Roughly 1,54 million U-Bahn rides register the BVG daily (source: BVG Zahlenspiegel 2018). Berlin’s subways allow commuters an efficient and reliable means of transportation completely free of traffic. For the past several years, the amount of people commuting via public transport has been steadily on the rise - Ultimately, providing advertisers with high quality ad space in any of Berlin’s 173 U-Bahn stations.

Floor Decals that are attached to the floor of U-Bahn stations are a particularly eye-catching means of communicating with consumers - trust us, they’re hard to miss! We can’t think of a more original way to reach new customers then having them walk over a chromatic Floor Decal during their commute. A method that is particularly effective in highly frequented main stations like Alexanderplatz. Advertising campaigns that utilize space in Berlin’s U-Bahn stations reach an unparalleled level of success due to the sheer number of people who rely on the metro as their primary means of transport. With over 2.000 individually bookable Floor Decal locations throughout Berlin’s transportation network, don’t miss the chance to take your campaign to the next level.

Floor Decals in Berlin: Always one step ahead

What makes this medium so special? Floor Decals are the ultimate form of contemporary advertising that encourage customers to take a closer look. Strategically placed and expertly designed, floor advertising is one of the newest trends that actively contributes to new customer acquisition. This advertising medium is especially effective when placed in the waiting halls or walkways within the stations. Floor decals are not only versatile, but they also leave advertisers with plenty of room for creativity. Available in various formats and shapes, your graphic is sure to be just as unique as the company it represents. In the form of footprints, for example, floor films are a creative solution to lead customers to the nearby location of your company, product, and/or service. Our cutting edge manufacturing process ensures all ads are made from top-quality, non-slip materials.

Floor Decals are particularly suitable for short, concise advertising messages in the form of slogans, blurbs, and company logos. Information that can be read quickly ensures your ad space can effectively interact with viewers in seconds.

Smart advertising space for smart brands

Floor Decals are an advertising medium that communicates a confident and fresh brand image, making it ideal for start-ups or any other business that makes a point of staying on the latest trends. Try it out!

Tip: In highly frequented Berlin subway stations, there is plenty of floor space to transform into your next creative vision. Take advantage of discounted rates when booking multiple locations in our network! Further opportunities for subway advertising in Berlin can be found here.

All pricing information is valid for 2018. All prices in Euros plus VAT.


Minimum booking period: 28 days
Premium stations from DIE DRAUSSENWERBER:
Alexanderplatz, Eberswalder Straße, Ernst-Reuter-Platz, Frankfurter Allee, Friedrichstraße, Gleisdreieck, Hermannplatz, Kochstraße, Kurfürstendamm, Oranienburger Tor, Potsdamer Platz, Rosenthaler Platz, Schönhauser Allee, Senefelderplatz, Stadtmitte, Wilmersdorfer Straße, Wittenbergplatz, Zoologischer Garten (not all premium train stations are currently available)
More location details can be found on our location map.
Prices include production

Prices for each format are as follows:

Floor decals:
180.0 x 120.0 cm: 417.00 Euro (267.00 media + 150.00 production)
120.0 x 120.0 cm: 332.00 Euro (202.00 media + 130.00 production)
180.0 x 56.0 cm: 267.00 Euro (152.00 media +  115.00 production)

Floor decals in premium stations:
180.0 x 120.0 cm: 684.00 Euro (534.00 media + 150.00 production)
120.0 x 120.0 cm: 534.00 Euro (404.00 media + 130.00 production)
180.0 x 56.0 cm: 419.00 Euro (304.00 media +  115.00 production)

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